Would You Give Erian The Greatest Gift?

"Literacy is the greatest gift a person could receive." - Jen Selinsky

"I don't know how to read, and I know that's why I'm here."

These words came as a bit of a surprise to Erian's tutor the first day of STAIR. Her vocabulary and conversation skills were fantastic, however Erian desperately needed help learning to read.

Unfortunately this isn't just Erian's story. 1,700 Birmingham City students this year will not meet 3rd grade reading proficiency standards, the single greatest predictor of high school graduation and career success.

However, STAIR provides 55 hours a year of one-on-one tutoring to second graders like Erian who need help learning how to read so that when they enter third grade, they can read to learn. And If Erian can read, she can graduate from high school, go to college, and have a successful career.

You can can give her this gift. The gift of literacy. It's the greatest gift she might ever receive.


Students like Erian work with their tutors twice a week.

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