A Student Today. A Teacher Tomorrow.

Jose may be a student today, but with your help he can become a teacher tomorrow.

Jose is a 2nd grade student who has struggled in school, however this year Jose had the opportunity to come to STAIR twice a week and work with the same 2 tutors, Caroline and Ben, all school year.

With the help of these remarkable high school students, Jose has spent the year studying sight words, expanding his vocabulary, and working on his comprehension which resulted in his tripling the number of words he can read accurately in one minute. One day while at school, he was asked the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" His answer was, "a teacher". His ESL teacher was so excited to share this with us, because she is convinced that this desire to teach other children is due to the time he spent at STAIR with his tutors Caroline and Ben!

Each year, 6 out of 7 Birmingham City students like Jose struggle to be able to read on grade level. Would you give other students like Jose the opportunity to improve their literacy skills and self-esteem?

Students like Jose work with their tutors twice a week.

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