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Would you provide students like Jacob with the opportunity to work with a tutor one-on-one each week, broaden their horizons, and gain the skills they need to be successful in school and in life?

In September, Office Buntley and Jacob were paired together.  At first, they were both a bit shy and would immediately jump into working on their lesson each Thursday afternoon. Jacob, though eager to learn, was easily overwhelmed by all the words on the page and did not hesitate to let Officer Buntley help him read.

Slowly, that started to change and Jacob and Officer Buntley began their tutoring sessions with a high five and Jacob sharing about his day at school. Jacob finally got to the point where he wanted to read the whole book by himself, without any help.  Officer Buntley was not only helping Jacob with his literacy skills, he was building a relationship with Jacob and encouraging him to do his best and work hard each Thursday.

One day, Jacob arrived at STAIR with a huge smile on his face, proudly holding his report card and boasted that his name was on the honor roll for the current grading period.

He thanked Officer Buntley for all his help and then gave him a huge hug. Rumor has it that Officer Buntley had to turn his head away as tears welled up in his eyes. 

Students like Jacob work with their tutors twice a week.

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