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The above video will give you a glimpse of what a typical day at STAIR looks like for students and tutors. If you'd like to learn more about STAIR, the importance of childhood literacy, and the difference STAIR made in the life of a student named Jeremiah, you can do so here.

Requirements for Tutors

Tutors develop one-on-one relationships, which make this volunteer experience such a rewarding and worthwhile effort. STAIR has an excellent, user-friendly curriculum that makes it easy for volunteers to follow with no outside prep time and no prior educational experience.

1. Commit to tutoring one or two days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) between the hours of 3:15-4:45PM from September through April. 
*Exception: Substitute tutors are called when needed to fill in for weekly tutors.
**Students: Please think through your sports and seasonal commitments and consider whether you can fully commit to your tutoring responsibilities. 

2. You must be a freshman in high school or older to volunteer with STAIR. We request that a parent/guardian of high school students accompany their student to new tutor orientation and sign up to be a substitute for their child when they are absent from their tutoring responsibilities. 

3. Attend an orientation.

4. Pass a background check. 

How to Become a Tutor

1. Sign up for an orientation on this page.

2. Attend an orientation where you will select a site, complete the background check, and fill out volunteer paperwork.

3. The Director of Volunteer Engagement will get you matched with your site.

4. Observe a seasoned tutor and student, if possible. 

5. Begin tutoring.

14 Locations

New Tutor Sign Up

If you are a returning tutor, please fill out this Returning Tutor RSVP form instead.

Returning or New Tutor

STAIR follows the school year and will begin again in September. Orientations will begin in August. You can expect to hear from us by July with orientation dates that you can sign up for!

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